Organizing the Seasons

Well, the decorating saga continues in my brain. You guys have been so helpful with tips on collecting decor//helping me be ok with not having it all figured out quite yet. So, thank you!

I was laying in bed last night (yes, my “undecorated” house fills my thoughts before bed) and decided that I needed to not focus on just one season but maybe consider decorating for all four seasons all year round. So, if I find something Christmasy in April that I love well, I need to buy it!

I will say that I do have a few Christmas decorations, thank goodness. I’ve been putting all this pressure on myself to figure it out at the beginning of each new season, but I’m learning that it takes time.

Today, I spent some time organizing my seasons.

IMG_3789 - Version 2

I plan on having 4 boxes that will hopefully grow into more as time goes by: Winter, Spring/Summer, Fall, and Christmas.

I already had my Christmas box in the storage room. It’s mostly Christmas things but also some things from the old house that never got unpacked (enter ashamed emoji here).

Today I wanted to pack up my Spring and Summer specific decor. Feel free to LOL when you see how empty this box is.

I just grabbed an old amazon box – but I plan on purchasing nicer plastic tubs that will easily stack.

IMG_3788IMG_3789IMG_3790This is the part where you can LOL. I walked through our house and found 3 things that I thought could be specific to Spring or Summer. Ha! I love that little J though. My little sister made it for us for Christmas last year. Isn’t he cute?

These little tea pots are the other things that are in the box. I bought these for my older sister a few years ago.. I have no idea how they ended up in my hands but I love them!


They sit on the windowsill above our kitchen sink. I replaced them with these FALL candles that my mom brought over last weekend. I believe she walked in the door and declared that I need help – so she helped me and picked these guys up at Halmark. How cute are they? They smell amazing too.. Thanks Mom!


So, how do you organize your seasonal decor? Any tips for this newbie? I feel so accomplished when I organize a little part of my life.. so right now? I am feeling really accomplished.

Love, The Jaderstons