Organizing the “Junk Drawer”

Mike and I have a few “Junk Drawers” (one including our entire 2nd bedroom). The junk drawer I am referring too though is the one in our kitchen. The one filled with ALL of our instruction booklets. Now the drawer isn’t a big drawer so it didn’t have a lot of room to get it messy, but I managed to do it. Anytime I needed an instruction booklet, like when the waffle iron wouldn’t turn on or when the vacuum started making a strange humming noise, I’d go to the booklet drawer and then I’d get so overwhelmed by the pile that I decide to not make waffles/never vacuum again. (contains dramatization)

I put “Organizing the booklet drawer” on my LIST of things to do in this house and today I finally decided to do it. Hopefully this will encourage you to organize something in your life.

Organizing the Instruction Booklet Drawer
Time: 30 minutes
Supplies: Instruction Booklets, three ring binder, dividers, sheet protectors

I started with my drawer.

I organized my booklets into 5 different categories: Kitchen Appliances, Kitchen, Vacuums, Fans, and Other.

Kitchen Appliances contained things like the new juicer and our stand mixer. Kitchen contained things like how to clean our teakettle and which knives are which in our knife block. The others a pretty self explanatory.

After they were all sorted I grabbed my sheet protectors and two 3-ring binders (one binder wasn’t big enough and the drawer is very slim).

The final product?

A very organized and extremely tidy informational drawer of fun. Yep. That’s what I refer it to as now. Oh and a very happy wife!

IMG_2744 IMG_2745 IMG_2743Good luck and happy organizing!
The Jaderstons

Love, The Jaderstons