MOXI Junction: Kickstarter

Have you guys heard about MOXI Junction? I assume if you’re reading from anywhere other than the Wichita area that you have no idea what I’m talking about. But MOXI Junction is a startup coffee shop in Maize, KS. I went to high school in Maize and grew up with the people passionate about making this coffee shop happen.

MOXI (Mothers Of eXceptional Individuals) started with three moms, with three kids who needed a place to settle, to fit in, to work. One of these moms happens to be my childhood next door neighbor and my moms best friend. All three of these exceptional individuals hold a special place in my heart. Laren graduated from Maize in 2006. He was diagnosed with Autism when he was 1 month old. He has three brothers and I have three sisters so we were known as 4 boys and 4 girls on our block. Chris graduated from Maize in 2009 – just one year after me so I grew up with him in school. He was diagnosed with Down Syndrome at birth. Kara graduated from Maize in 2007 and was diagnosed in elementary school with being developmentally delayed. Kara’s mom is also good friends with my mom.

11Joanna and Laren Kilgore

Pat and Chris Leon

Scarlett and Kara Tulley

These three young adults don’t have jobs and don’t really have a way to get jobs. So their moms came up with the idea of a coffee shop to provide work for these exceptional individuals.

Over the last couple years the idea was launched and ground was broke on a beautiful building in central Maize. Construction is almost complete and it is set to open in Mid-July. MOXI is ready. The kids are ready. The art gallery is fully stocked, but they have run out of funds. MOXI needs your help to finish the kitchen.

They have a kickstarter set up to raise the funds and I want to challenge you to go check it out. I also want to challenge you to give as much as you feel comfortable giving. Even the minimum pledge makes a difference. These individuals deserve the chance to better their community of Maize, KS.

Wichita friends, Maize friends, all friends, PLEASE SHARE THIS POST and SHARE the kickstarter page with your friends. Ask your friends to share it with their friends. Lets see how quickly we can get this kitchen funded?

Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Happy Day!

Vist MOXI Junction to learn more | Facebook | Website | Kickstarter

Love, The Jaderstons