Mixed Feelings

Today is the third snow day my school district has called and I just received news that tomorrow will be the fourth. I think I have hit my limit of snow days. I do love this extra time I’ve gotten at home though. Plus these snow days have given me adequate time to recover from the flu/sinus nasty that had overtaken me. All in all this 6 day weekend has been wonderful but when Wednesday comes and my work day and schedule starts up again I will be relieved. I’m a schedule kind of girl.

I’m that type of girl that asks for a new planner for her birthday and then geeks out over her new planner for the next 365 days. I plan out each day within said planner and make to-do lists like it’s my favorite thing – It’s probably in the top ten.

The planning can be ridiculous and it can make it difficult for me to adjust to change. Once I have something planned in my head I will more than likely be disappointed if it doesn’t happen. God Bless my sweet husband. This #blizzardofoz forced me to stop planning and just be. For this I am thankful. I needed a break. Mike and I both needed a break – a time to just relax and be and not stress about where we were going or where we needed to be.
This break has been a blessing for our little family. We got time together, with family, and with friends. We got to meet our newest family member Cecil Josiah Smart and the Sterling Warriors are going to the KCAC Championship.
A big shout out to all the planners in the world just like me and a huge thanks to the Lord for allowing this time of rest in our lives.

Bye for now,
The Jaderstons


Love, The Jaderstons