Looking back

In light of looking back over my time on staff at Westminster Woods yesterday I decided to make a post about my time as a camper. I only have my freshman year through my senior year on my hard drive – I think all the years before that were on a disposable camera – but it was so much fun looking back through the pictures.

Cabin 4 Counselors Senior High Camp 2005 Mike Jenn & Me{Summer Camp 2005}
1. Cabin 4 – my freshman year of high school
2. WMW Staff
3. Senior high full camp photo
4. My older sister and I with big Mike

IMG_2587 {Summer Camp Retreat 2006}
1. My sister and I with counselor Cody

205484042505_0_ALB 589024832505_0_ALB IMG_1190 IMG_1197 IMG_1314 162358252505_0_ALB{Summer Camp 2007}
1. Water balloon launching
2. Camp friends
3. Camp friend – Amy & Allegra
4. Camp dance party featuring my favorite gals, Jenny & Lindsey
5. Cabin 6 (Basement of the Lou and Old Chapel)
6. Senior high full camp

IMG_3173 IMG_3188 IMG_3235 IMG_3228 IMG_3242 IMG_3266{Summer Camp 2008}
1. Friends and late night beach volleyball
2. An afternoon adventure with some favorite friends
3. 2008 Staff
4. Cabin 6
5. 2008 (Blurry) Graduating Seniors
6. One last photo as a camper at Westminster Woods

It really does make me teary eyed looking back through all of these. I have so many fond memories from this place.

Mike and I are gearing up for another week in Wichita. My parents are headed to NYC for vacation and we are in charge of my littlest sis. I’m sure I’ll have lots of fun pictures of our time with her to share later on. Happy Tuesday!

Be back soon,
The Jaderstons

Love, The Jaderstons