Life Update

Lots of time has gone by since the last life update on this little blog of mine. Lots of life has happened as well.

Mike is so busy with school and the many activities he’s involved with. He leads a worship team for Sterling College Chapel and that takes up a lot of his free time. Then he has 17 hours of school and usually a few tennis lessons a week. If you’re in the Sterling area and want guitar or tennis lessons he’s your guy! I have never known someone to teach as well as he does. He is also very active in our church’s youth group. Needless to say, his life never stops.

Another pretty important life update: you know that job I talked about earlier? The data entry one? Well, it was only temporary. Through a series of painful and frustrating events my time there ended. Fortunately, I serve a God who has a bigger plan for Mike and I than we could ever know or understand. Looking back I can see God’s hand over the entire situation but at the time I was so unsure. I have a wonderful job now that I love – I’m working as a Para at the elementary school in town. I love everything about it. It makes me think twice about the accounting degree I just accomplished in May, but I’ll try really hard not to dwell on that for too long.

These last few weekends it seems we’ve been running around like crazy. Mike spoke for a church in Larned, KS three weeks in a row, we did some babysitting for my family, he led worship for a Sunday chapel at school, and we had a wedding in Lawrence. This last Sunday was the first service we had been to at our church in a very long time. It was also the first Sunday where we could just relax at home. We did some cleaning and watched a movie – it was wonderful.

On Saturday we watched two dear friends walk down the aisle. They were married at a beautiful home in the country – it was breathtaking (I wish I took pictures) and was a wonderful depiction of Jesus Christ and his love for us. It’s always a good reminder and wonderful refresher to see two people become one before the amazing God we serve.

This weekend Mike is headed to Manhattan for an ultimate frisbee tournament and I will follow shortly after to play the “supportive wife” role and get some quality time with some best friends. And now I’m off to make treats for the ultimate team and watch some more Parenthood. I love half days of school – and warm tea in hand.

See you soon!
The Jaderstons

Love, The Jaderstons