Life Update

I was home sick from work today and realized that it had been two weeks since this little blog of mine had any love. Unfortunately being sick doesn’t have much love to offer but I’ll at least keep you all in the know.

Busyness has now become second nature to our little family here. We had a weekend of “nothing” (aka no traveling) but Mike had a paper and I had a cold so that’s that. This last weekend we headed out to the Woods to help Mike’s brother with a retreat and next weekend we are doing the similar routine. Unfortunately I came down with the flu over the weekend and I am hoping that this one day off is enough to recover. I love a day off when I can get things done, but when I am restrained to the couch or the bed I would prefer to be at work – plus I love my work.

Besides staying busy and keeping our calendars full not much is happening here. We are getting excited for the holidays and all the different friends and family that will be involved. We are also learning how to plan around two different families instead of just the one. We are blessed by hundreds of loved ones and planning to see them all can be challenging – but we’re excited nonetheless.

Happy (early) Halloween!
And be careful, some radio stations start Christmas music on November 1st. But all that means to me is that the Holidays are officially among us!

I’m off to get some rest, drink more fluids, and eat more applesauce.
Be back soon!
The Jaderstons

Love, The Jaderstons