JR High Retreat

Last Friday, Mike and I packed up our car and headed out to the place we met with roughly 90 JR high kids! It’s round two this weekend with SR high, but I wanted to share the 3 things I documented from last weekend.
This was on the first night of worship. The students were so willing and open to respond to worship and it was beautiful watching them become vulnerable at the cross.

Then, on night two? I took the EXACT SAME PICTURE!


Yes, I got inspired to take a photo during the EXACT same song the next night! What does that say about my photog skills?!

I’m still laughing at myself.

This last documentation is my favorite though. We always take Alfred with us to the woods. He loves it out there – he gets to run free and hide from kids and bark at birds… heaven for dogs.

Well, on Saturday afternoon he was running around with Mike checking on the students as they played a game (he’s terrified of the students) and when they got back he had found a very large stick. He gets real proud when he finds things outside. He gets a little pop in his step! The only problem was he couldn’t quite figure out how to get it in the door.

He attempted for about a minute before I decided to snap a video. We were dying at how cute it was!

And that’s it people! That’s all I documented over the weekend – but I promise it was a great weekend filled with lots of worship and lots of fun.

Happy Friday!
Love, KJ


Love, The Jaderstons