Going Unplugged

As you all know, I recently had a 6 day vacation. I didn’t leave town and I didn’t really leave my house. I spent a lot of time watching Netflix, on facebook, browsing pinterest, and brainstorming crafty ideas for our home. I also spent a lot of time glued to my phone. With my computer and my phone always within an arms reach it quickly became a problem – even an “addiction” that needed to be addressed.

These devices can become such a distraction. As I was thinking about this it started to become so much more obvious. Last night we went to a basketball game. Grandparents, parents, college students, and children all had phones or ipads to look at during the game. At any point you could look around and find 30 or more people on their phones. Some younger kids weren’t even watching the game. They sat through the entire thing playing temple run or bejeweled on their parents’ phones/ipads. Mike and I came home from the game and we put on the end of a movie we hadn’t finished. We then proceeded to sit on our phones while the movie played in the background.

As we got into bed and talked through our day I mentioned to him some of these things I was thinking. As we talked through it we decided to choose a day to go unplugged. No twitter, instagram, facebook, iphone games, or meaningless computer browsing for one day each week. We chose Thursday. We still have to do our jobs, we still have to reply to our urgent emails, but instead of sitting on the couch and listening to a movie while we play games and check twitter we are forced to have conversations. Conversations that we want to have – that we enjoy having – that challenge us – that make us laugh. We’re removing that distraction for one whole day.

As I type this it seems so pathetic. We can only do it one day? Why not everyday? Why not cut those things out of your life altogether? I’m hopeful that someday we won’t feel the urge to just pull out our phones when we’re bored but I also know that we aren’t cold turkey kind of people. If we cut it out completely we would be looking at our phones like crazy people tomorrow morning.

Anyways, it’s been good for us so far. It’s been a great unplugged Thursday and I encourage you to look for the times in your life where your phone gets in the way. For us it was conversations on the couch after a long day but I know it steals other moments too.

Oh and on a completely unrelated note – I made my first smoothie today in our super sleek super fast super choppy blender. It was a blueberry banana smoothie and it actually tasted really yummy. I was nervous but Mike liked it too. Also, I went to the grocery store all by myself yesterday… I’m making big steps in the right direction. Woo!

That’s all for now, folks!
The Jaderstons

Love, The Jaderstons