Five on Friday

Hey friends! I am back today with a Five on Friday! I’m linked up with darciaprilchristina and natasha. The theme this week is… there is no theme! I hope you enjoy this little update on our lives.

1. The Roman Shades

I made roman shades last weekend and am in love. Our room gets so dark and the sun in the morning is so much more subtle and relaxing – instead of intense and alarming. Also, I am still loving the pattern! I have mentioned before that I get nervous making purchases of things with pattern because I am afraid that I will hate it 3 days later… Well we’re still going strong with the love of this pattern.IMG_4485

2. Matchy Matchy

On Sundays, Mike goes to work really early (before I get out of bed) and then I meet him at church at 11:00. Well last Sunday we arrived at church wearing almost the same outfit…


This is boo dog. She really loved our outfits. We got a lot of people asking if we planned our outfits. The answer was no, but in Mike’s defense, I did see him before he left that morning in a sleepy, delirious, and goodbye to my husband state.

3. Work

I haven’t really shared about my job on the blog for privacy reasons, but I will share that I love it. The kiddos that I watch are so sweet and are so much fun. I feel like every time just gets a little bit better – and on Wednesday we had a picnic in the yard. It was a highlight for everyone.


4. The Pixie

The pixie is no longer a pixie! I skipped my update in May because I decided to move to every 8 weeks now that it is officially a “bob”. Also, I rocked my first ponytail last week! It was the smallest ponytail in the world and was mostly being held up by a headband and bobby pins but IT WAS A PONYTAIL!


5. Alfie Naps

I want to leave you with this photo of Alfie in a deep deep sleep from yesterday. Is it just me or are you also jealous of his ability to zonk out at any moment and sleep so comfortably?


And that’s all, folks! We are pretty happy around here and starting to adjust to “summer” scheduling. This weekend we have lots of family gatherings and it’s the littlest sisters birthday. Yay!

Happy Friday!
Love, The Jaderstons


Love, The Jaderstons