Experiencing the Chaos

Northern Pines begins exactly one week from today, tomorrow we leave for Westminster Woods to help Matt (Mike’s brother) with his Jr. High Camp, and yesterday Mike and I made our first venture out of the house (besides to the pharmacy/doctor) since Monday afternoon. We spent some much needed time in Hutchinson to do some shopping for camp and to get rid of that cooped up feeling we both had. We had lunch at Playa Azul, shopped at Walmart, Home Depot, and Target and then headed home after enjoying a blue raspberry icee. Mike’s mouth turned entirely blue but he was in “real food” heaven and I just couldn’t say no. We also parked next to a tractor with a truck bed at Walmart which I thought was really amusing.


We came home and both napped for about 30 minutes because we were simply exhausted, but it was worth it. Then I got to work on organizing and taking inventory of the things we bought for camp. It was chaos…

IMG_2541Those types of things are fun for me though. I like knowing where everything is before we load it into the car and I like knowing that we have 1,000 water balloons, 120 packs of goldfish, and at least a 50 ft long slip n’ slide.

Today we are going to work on name tags and I will attempt to clean up this mess of a house before we leave for camp tomorrow. It’s been a quiet and sick week at the Jaderstons but we’re excited for what’s ahead and definitely excited to get our energy back.

I hope you’re having a great weekend. Next week I’ll have a camp update when I have time and I’m scheduling some picture posts of Samuel & Kalynn while we’re at camp.

Happy Saturday!
The Jaderstons

Love, The Jaderstons