Early Morning

Mike and I have a pretty good Alfie system. He is so patient with that dog when it comes to letting him out and training him. I love that when we got Alfred we were both on the same page about wanting a very well trained dog. He is still in his puppy/teenage years, but I feel that we have come out on the winning end. He’s a great little dog.

So our system… When we first got Alfie, Mike was the one who always got up with him. And by always, I mean always. Three times a night if needed – but he always did it. I think the reasoning was that I had to get up earlier for work, but now that summer is here that doesn’t really apply. So the system changed a little and Mike usually takes the early early shift (because he wakes up easier than me) and then at around 7:30 – 8:00 I get up for the morning and cover the rest like feeding and letting out and playing.

When we come and stay with my parents it’s a little different because it’s not as easy to just let him out and leave him. So this morning when Alfie started to whine at 7:10 I decided (well Mike poked me and asked very sweetly if I would handle this one) to get up and stay up.

It’s so funny how getting up early changes as you get older. Not once, in my whole life, have I wanted to be up before 8 to get things done. Now 7:30 rolls around and I’m hopeful that I have the will power to roll out of bed because I know I’ll have a better day for it. Mornings are so peaceful and it’s silly that it took me 23 years to figure that out.

IMG_2380So good morning, and happy Thursday!
Thanks for reading,
The Jaderstons

Love, The Jaderstons