Daydreaming of tomorrow…

I had a melt down today. 

I was trying so hard to hang up a mirror in Mike and I’s room. Our renter has asked us very nicely to be gentle with the walls (as all renters do) so I was trying so hard to hang up a mirror gently. I completely failed. Apparently this old house is made of really soft drywall in some places and hard as concrete drywall in others. I was dealing with the concrete version on this particular day. It resulted in three (noticeably) huge holes in the wall, a mirror still leaning against the wall on the floor, and lots of tears. My poor husband. 

Usually an event like this wouldn’t send me over the edge…

Unfortunately today has also been a particularly rough Alfred day. Usually our days are breezy with him but now he’s teething and he’s learned that he can reach things higher than he could reach before – oh and he really really likes shoes. 

So, with the mirror fiasco and then discovering that Alfred was not just playing under the bed but shredding the cork board that our bed wheels sit on, I had a melt down. (oh, and shredding might be an overstatement – but i’m emotional here)

Luckily my husband came home at prime time melt down and he was able to do damage control. He’s a dog whisperer when it comes to Alfie and he’s also much better at drywall than me. Then he went to the store and came home with Laffy Taffy, gummy bears, and hot sauce (to put on the cork board to make the “shredding” stop). He also surprised me with a travel pillow. He brought me back to reality, the reality that a few holes in the wall are not the end of the world – they can be fixed. Also, the reality that Alfie will someday not be apuppy and he someday will not want to chew on everything that’s not his.

So, now I’m writing to you – eating Laffy Taffy and gummy bears – with a well supported neck – and I’m daydreaming of tomorrow (or maybe two weeks from this exact moment when I will be on a plane to sunny Arizona). 

Dear Husband, I’m sorry you came home to such a mess this afternoon. Thank you for being the support I needed today. I am grateful that in every moment you are ready to bring me back to reality and remind me that there are bigger things than holes in the wall and puppy quarrels. Oh, and thanks for taking care of the mirror.

Love, The Jaderstons