Crossfire Talent Show

Last night Mike’s youth group hosted a fundraising talent show for camp and mission trips. It was so much fun and we had a big turn out. Our students (most of them) worked really hard at their skits/talents and I’m excited to share some of the photos here.

IMG_5648 IMG_5649 IMG_5654 IMG_5659 IMG_5660 IMG_5672 IMG_5676 IMG_5688 IMG_5689 IMG_5694 IMG_5698 IMG_5699 IMG_5719 IMG_5730 IMG_5735 IMG_5740 IMG_5744 IMG_5753 IMG_5755 IMG_5757 IMG_5765 IMG_5770 IMG_5781 IMG_5780 IMG_5778 IMG_5782 IMG_5783 IMG_5792 IMG_5794We had lots of wonderful musical acts, a boy who chugged 4 water bottles in 40 seconds (actually 23 seconds), a few camp testimonies, a poetry reading, a hilarious group video, Dennis Lewith and the Particle Clerks, and a great drum solo performance. It was a blast.

The camp and mission trip we were fundraising for is called Northern Pines. Mike’s parents are the directors of this camp and Mike and I lead the 4th – 6th grade program called the Wilderness. The program for the students in Sterling consists of camping for a week and then doing ministry in some form for the second week. Fundraising like this goes towards helping our students get to camp so we are incredible grateful for the help we get from our community here in Sterling.

Happy Thursday! The weather was poor this morning, but we were able to open the blinds this afternoon and enjoy a little sunshine despite the colder temperatures. I am hoping it only warms up from here.

Be back soon!
The Jaderstons


Love, The Jaderstons