BRATchelorette Party

My sweet friend Kalynn is marrying another sweet friend, Samuel.

Last weekend, the girls got together to celebrate our beloved BRAT because she gets married in LESS THAN TWO MONTHS! We’re pretty excited. I forgot my DSLR so all photos are from the iphone.

IMG_1882IMG_1889 IMG_1894 IMG_1899 IMG_1904 IMG_1906 IMG_1911 IMG_1914 IMG_1925 IMG_1928 IMG_1929 IMG_1931 IMG_1932 IMG_1941 IMG_1945 IMG_1947 IMG_1956 IMG_1957 IMG_1961 IMG_1962Mexican Coke, Photoshoot, Yokohama, Nom Nom Sushi, #sisters, #sisters, #sisters, Golden Glory, Cheesy Potatoes, Trip Dip, Salsa, Oreos, Question Bowl, a Breakfast for Champions, and a panoramic for when it was all said and done.

There are so many wonderful things about these friends of mine. It was such a joy to be a part of this celebration and to catch up with all these loved ones. My favorite type of bachelorette is definitely the bratchelorette version.

June 22nd cannot get here soon enough! Mike and I are so ready to celebrate these two friends.

That’s all for now,
The Jaderstons

Love, The Jaderstons