Blogs I read {inspiration}

I started reading others’ blogs when I was a freshman in college. I didn’t realize before then that blogs could be about more than technology or other boring type things. I don’t remember the first blogs I stumbled upon but I know they got me hooked. Now I have a list that I like to check every few days – it’s borderline creepy, but now I am invested in their lives and I can’t stop. Every once in a while I’ll get disinterested and quit reading someones blog so they will get removed from the list. I am also now at the age where I have friends and family starting their own blogs – these are my most favorite ones.

My most visited blogs of people I have never met:

1. Ashley Ann Photography
She is a beautiful woman of God with 5 precious children. Her family just went through the process of adoption and her blog had me in tears everyday for about two months as they waited for their little girl to come home.

2. Fly Through Our Window

3. Urban Grace

4. Bower Power
My little sis actually introduced me to this one. Filled with DIY projects, family, and house renovations and hilarious writing.

5. Today’s Letters
This is a beautiful picture of showing encouragement and appreciation to someone you love.

My most visited blogs of people whom I know and love:

1. Words My Kids Say
My sweet cousin retelling thoughts of her sweet children.

2. One After Another
Another sweet cousin writing about her precious children and marriage

3. Oh, I love that
A dear friend who loves food, trying new things, and is engaged to be married to her perfect man.

4. Art is Hard
This one belongs to my brother in-law. He hasn’t posted in awhile but I blame that on his recent engagement.

I’ve spent lots of time this January evaluating my life and where I’m at – including the amount of time I spend on my computer visiting these blogs. Through that evaluation I deleted a lot of the blogs in my bookmark tab – the ones that I follow for no particular reason. I decided to only keep the ones that inspire me to be more. These blogs challenge me to be more grateful, more thoughtful, less selfish, and more loving. They force me to think about the mother I someday want to become, the friend that I should be now, and the wife that I should be reaching for. They push me into the Word and make me ask myself questions that I wouldn’t normally ask. They sharpen me and help me to become a better me.

With that said I would like to go on record and say that Pinterest doesn’t not challenge me in these ways. It inspires me to be more trendy/home savvy/fit, but I have now made it a goal to not visit Pinterest as often as I currently do. I am starting to believe it makes me dream of a life that will never be mine. It’s just not healthy.

I hope you enjoy this list – don’t open any of the links if you don’t want to become emotionally invested in another thing. 🙂 That’s my warning to you.

Have a happy friday!
The Jaderstons

Love, The Jaderstons