Battle of the Sexes

Last night, Mike and I were invited to a couples party in Sterling called Battle of the Sexes.

Essentially we got together with other couple friends, dressed up as stereotypical males or females, ate stereotypical male/female food, and played the board game Battle of the Sexes to determine who got to pick a movie – the boys or the girls.

It was a blast. We ate lots of bacon, lots of cookie dough, some cheese and crackers, beef jerky, and indoor s’mores. We also went through two 2-liters of mountain dew (there were only 6 of us). IMG_2385 IMG_2393 IMG_2390

We had a baseball player, a dad on vacation, a golfer, a pregnant woman, a One Direction fanatic, and a housewife.

I spent an embarrassingly long amount of time making that belly – but I was very happy with the end result. Plus I got to make pregnant woman comments all night long.


We had a lot of fun. Thanks for inviting us Matt & Tille and Jordan & Caitie!
The Crazy (FAKE) Pregnant Lady…
Aka – The Jaderstons

Love, The Jaderstons