Spring Break has come and passed. We are officially back in the swing of life.

Over break we decided on a new fitness plan to do together. Also, will add that this is the third or maybe fourth fitness plan Mike and I have stepped into together. Something kinda always gets in the way. For example, we made a new years resolution to get healthy and change our bad habits but then Mike dislocated his patella (knee cap) and I got super lazy.

Well now, Mike’s knee cap has healed (relatively) and I am officially motivated because of the 80 degrees we had in Kansas over Spring Break. Warm weather inspires me to do everything outside. I wanted to run and jump and play in the sprinklers and swim and play tennis and ride my bike – this list goes on and on.

Enter Fitness.

And a more regular schedule.
Also, loving smoothies.
And the attempt to begin cooking new recipes.
Spending more money on good groceries and less on eating out.
Drinking more water and less of everything else.
Oh, and working out – REGULARLY

We’re approximately two days in and two deliciously healthy dinners ahead of where we were before. We are craving anything sweet – AKA everything we see on TV or on the computer – Dairy Queen Blizzard was the most tempting last night. If you buy one the other one is only a DOLLAR. Don’t worry, we didn’t drive the 10 miles to DQ. We were strong. For the first time ever I am experience “swoll” arms. OUCH! And I already want to quit and revert back to my old bed eating and french fry ways.

Here’s to setting ourselves up for success when the future of family and chaos begins in this little marriage we’ve started here.

One final thing, TOMORROW IS THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING! Here in Kansas that means that warmer weather is on its way. I love that Kansas has four very unique seasons. Spring is my second favorite season – first goes to Fall. I will be wearing coral pants to work to celebrate. I’ll be the colors of spring in full force!

Happy almost SPRING wise ones,
Be safe and be healthy,

Love, The Jaderstons