One Word 2015

It’s hard to believe that 2015 is already here. I remember when Y2k was approaching and the world was afraid it would cease to exist… SURPRISE! We’re still alive, 15 years later.

Y2k was also the year that my sisters and I (accidentally) attempted to set our macaroni and cheese on fire…


Anyways, our one word 2014 was CELEBRATE and I definitely feel like we hit the nail on the head. So many celebrations. We celebrated Mike’s new job over and over and over again. We celebrated our move to Wichita, birthdays, anniversaries, paychecks, friends, church, house updates, and usually any old Thursday. It was a good year. One that will be hard to top.

We closed out our year with a wonderfully relaxed evening at home. We had just flown in from Arizona and we were both just exhausted. We relaxed on the couch toasted to 2015, just the two of us.

I took a photo of this fun moment but then accidentally deleted it. My bad.

2015 is a new year that needs a new word.

We teamed up with our brother and sis in law again this year. Life is a lot more fun with them in it. And our word is…


We still aren’t quite sure what this will entail, but I love that this word is broad.

Mike and I are hoping to travel this year. We aren’t sure where we want to go, but he has some vacation days now (YAY!) and we plan to use them on something fun.

We also want to adventure around Wichita. I’ve lived in Wichita almost my whole life and there are parts of town that I still am not sure exist because I’ve never been there – or stayed there long enough to remember them.

IMG_5830 - Version 2

Adventure is all encompassing. I’m excited to try new things and step out of my comfort zone a little bit.

I also started my own little adventure with a new years resolution to read through the bible in 365 days. I am using the She Reads Truth app. They have a reading guide and an interactive checklist so you can keep track of how far you’ve come. Currently: 1% complete! So far, so good.

I’ll keep you updated on our next adventure, but until then.


Love, The Jaderstons