Zona Christmas

IMG_5795IMG_5806IMG_5813IMG_5811IMG_5814IMG_5816IMG_5820IMG_5818IMG_5825IMG_5828IMG_5830IMG_5831IMG_5832IMG_5836IMG_5837Black MountainIMG_5839IMG_5841IMG_5844IMG_5845IMG_5860This year end in Zona we…
Tickled Frosty on our way out of town
Spent 2+ hours at a minute clinic – Momma Scheer was sick sick sick
Enjoyed family football
Took post-workout selfies to earn an extra slice of pizza
Played speed scrabble and lots of Pandemic
Woke up with bedhead
And stayed in bed well past lunch time
Maddie played with some small children while out shopping
and while Mike golfed I had my own adventure. The views are always amazing.
Finally, we hiked black mountain and all made it to the top (some of us did it twice)
(Not Pictured)
The best crepes of my life. Nutella Delight is not messing around.
Fried Ice cream at La Haciendas
Creme Brulee at Tantos
Barros Pizza
And Arizona made salsa.

So in other words: food, food, food and food…

Our Zona trips after Christmas have become a tradition in the Scheer family. I love escaping to the warmer weather and leaving behind the hustle and bustle of Christmas. This year was no exception.

We’re home now and feeling good about 2015.

Happy Day!

Love, The Jaderstons