House Tour: Mom’s Craft Room

My mom has the dream “office” space.

It’s not really her office, maybe more of a studio, but it’s her creative space and it’s a dream.

We call it the craft room.

I’ve been meaning to share this space with you all for awhile. It’s inspiration – which might spur a little bit of jealousy – but remember that my parents have lived in their house for 20+ years. She’s had almost my entire lifetime to work on this space. I can only hope that in 20 years my craft space is half of the dream that hers is.

This room is in my parents basement. It’s essentially a storage room – cement floors, cement walls, and 2x4s lining the ceiling. My mom has turned it into the most perfect little space.

IMG_3980This room has a space for everything creative: 3 counters of workspace and never ending storage.

IMG_3976I should also mention that my mom is very organized. Everything has a home and/or a label.

IMG_3968Fabric paint, acrylic paint, a deep sink for cleaning paintbrushes…

IMG_3951Every color of spray paint you could ever need…
(My mom thinks she’ll get made fun of for this wall of paint. I keep telling her people will love it and dream of being her..)

IMG_3979Finished mosaic crosses, work in progress pieces, and blank canvases…

IMG_3967Here is an example of the beautiful work she creates. Every piece is unique and I bet she remembers every piece she’s ever made.

IMG_3974Full sheets of glass for mosaic, and glass cutting tools…

IMG_3962And the cut glass is stored here – my dad made this tray holder for her.

IMG_3961IMG_3978Every color of pen, all types of glue, push pins, paper clips, grommets, she has it all…

IMG_3958Scrapbooking stations and paper storage and then my favorite…

IMG_3977The wall of everything gift wrap. I’ve used this space every year for birthdays and Christmas’.


She uses every corner of this space for something creative. Every time I come over to visit she has another project or idea to show me in the craft room.

Rooms like this inspire me to become more organized – the theme of my first two weeks of 2015. I have deep cleaned and organized what feels like my entire house (but unfortunately have a long way to go). I’ve also followed through with some decorating ideas I’ve been sitting on for a year!


What do you think about this creative space?

Happy Day!

PS: Do you have a creative space and live in the Wichita area? I’d love to feature it on this little blog – Email me: kelsey {at} thejaderstons {dot} com

Love, The Jaderstons