Storage Room Addition

Well, winter has come back to Kansas today. High of 72 last Sunday will hopefully keep spirits up until Spring.

But anyways, I am here to talk about our storage room.

It’s a great space with not much functionality.

But that changed in January! I have started making monthly goals – 3 or four bullet points of things to get done in the month. Last month I had “create storage shelves in storage room” and a few other things.

Sidenote: I checked off everything on my goal sheet. Yay!

This is our storage room before we moved in…


Now imagine lots of boxes and junk and a racket stringer and lots of boxes and lots of boxes in there and you’ll imagine what our storage room looked like before the storage shelves (I never took a picture)

I left Mike for two hours one afternoon with a new toy (a miter saw) and I came home to this…


Have I mentioned that I’m the luckiest?

We still have an empty box situation and those shelves are already full, but I love having this done – organized spaces make my heart happy.

Did you do any crazy organizing in January? Build anything fun?

Happy Day!

Love, The Jaderstons