Our First Room Is Empty

This last week was spent doing a lot of packing and cleaning – I also spent a lot of time just sitting on the couch too. It’s surprisingly difficult to get motivated a week before a big move. Maybe it’s just me?

Anyways, our second bedroom is officially empty. It’s so strange and sad seeing the empty room. I’m not looking forward to seeing the empty house this week. So many wonderful memories from our first year of marriage happened here and it’s going to be hard to walk away from that. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so excited to move into our new house and make new memories there, but it’s still hard to leave this place.

So here are our progress pics. The rest of the house right now is literally a disaster, so those picture will come later. Oh, and I’m finally showing you the mess that was our 2nd bedroom… Please be gracious with me – it was bad.

2nd Bedroom2nd Bedroom2

It was actually fun getting this room emptied. It was where Mike and I started when we first began packing and we threw so much stuff away. It felt so good to purge. Once all the stuff was out I started with vacuuming the rug in there. It was an old shag rug that had so much dirt in it. I think I spent twenty minutes going over it again and again with the vacuum in hopes that the dirt would find its way out.

In the office I had to vacuum the shelves and windows. I also vacuumed the walls because each of those wood slats had a thin layer of dust at the top. The room looked so much better after just simply running a vacuum over everything. I then swept and mopped the floors. It really made a huge difference.

After I swept and mopped I got a bowl of hot water and a rag and wiped down all the baseboards. The vacuum definitely made it look better, but it did not grab all the dust. After a good wipe down I felt so accomplished. It feels so good to check an entire room off the list.

Obviously we have a crazy week ahead, with moving, my birthday, and traveling for Christmas. We have a lot on our plate, but I plan to show the listing photos of the new house on Friday, so stick with us. We’ve got a lot of fun stuff planned.

I have my last day of work tomorrow. That’s gonna be an emotional day for me.

Happy Monday! Guys, 9 days until Christmas! Is this real life? Where did 2013 go?

Love, KJ

Love, The Jaderstons