Growing Out The Pixie {Four Weeks}

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Well friends, it’s been four weeks since I decided to grow out my pixie. I am still sticking to my decision and am pretty excited about it. I’ve actually gotten a lot of compliments on the longer look (hopefully they’ll keep complimenting when it gets awkward long).

Anyways, here are my picture updates.

December 2013This pic is clearly embarrassing for me… But I wanted you to see how long the bangs were and how my ears are almost covered!

December 20132And here is my typical look – Bangs to the side and my hair tucked behind the ears.

Growing it out so far hasn’t been that bad. Mike trimmed the back 4 weeks ago and it’s still doing pretty good on length. I might have him trim it again in about 2 weeks.I’ve been relying a lot on hairspray instead of paste. When it was shorter I could just run some styling paste through it and call it good, but now that it’s getting this long hairspray has working a a lot better on keeping it in place.

I love curling my hair too. I use my straightener and then hairspray and that’s it! I’m feeling really stress free about it and that’s the way I like it.

This is where we’ve been…

Pixie From May November 2013

I hope you have some fun plans this weekend – Christmas is coming! We are gonna knock out some serious packing this weekend… We move in 4 days!!

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Happy Friday!
Love, KJ


Love, The Jaderstons