Dwayne Henry: Second Birthday Party

On Sunday afternoon, we had our friends and family over to celebrate Dwayne.


I never thought I would be a big birthday party thrower and I’m still unsure that it’s someone I want to be, but it’s such a good excuse to get everyone we love under the same roof. So, thank you to all the friends and family that came to celebrate our boy and for continuing to love on us and him and as he grows. We feel so blessed by all the people we have in our circles.


We did essentially the same party this year as we did last year except instead of woodland creatures we did barnyard theme. My sister, Maddie, helped a lot with the planning and prepping and I think we pulled off a very cute little gathering.


Maddie also bought Dwayne the cutest little “TWO” shirt. He’s a toddler so all the good pictures turned out super blurry but here are a few that show off the shirts cuteness.


Dwayne was spoiled this weekend. He even got the enjoy a cupcake with an everlasting candle! He loves fire, candles, and blowing out candles so it was perfect. He was able to blow it out probably 8 times.


Dwayne’s first birthday party last May compared to now.


Happy birthday, sweet boy. We love you!

Happy Day!

Love, The Jaderstons