Things I’m Loving {plus afternoon thoughts}

Okkaaaayyy.. So this blog. It has been neglected (to say the least) and I have spent a lot of time over the last couple weeks/months thinking about it and whether or not I should be allocating any energy or time to this space now that Dwayne is around and I’m working more. I’m all about prioritizing things and this has been missing the top of my list for a long time now, but what I’ve learned in all the thinking is that it is still on the list.

I’ve had this space for almost 5 (FIVE!!) years. It holds so many memories and projects and pictures and thoughts and stories and ugh, I love it.

So, with all that said, I’m sticking around! But this space is not at the top of my priorities list and I am no longer going to let myself feel guilty about a season of life. This has been the sweetest season of life to date and guilt about a blog on the interwebs does not deserve my time.

I’m here today, during nap time, in between emails for work, with some things we are loving as a family right now.

1. I ordered some new v-necks from gap last week during a 40% off sale. I ordered the gray wash and the navy. I order mine in “Tall” so that I have more post baby body coverage and I think they’re more comfortable long!

2. These cups for Dwayne have been awesome. He figured out how to drink out of them before I did and we love that they really don’t spill. #pleased

3. Do you have an instant pot? Have you joined the craze? We joined at Christmas (thanks mom and dad!) and so far just LOVE it. I have used it for so many things already but know there are so many areas of instant pot that I have yet to enjoy. I really want to try coconut milk yogurt? Anyone have any experience with this?

4. These jammies for Dwayne! It’s a lot harder to find footie pajamas after babies hit one year and we still have a very much a footie pajama wearing boy. Old Navy did not disappoint this week with the mentioned above 40% off sale. I ordered a few pairs in 12-18 months and then one more 6-12 month that should last another couple months. The bike pattern was my favorite so I ordered it in both sizes.

And nap time is now over so 4 things it is! What are you loving lately? Also fun new feature.. shop this post below!

Happy Day!

Love, The Jaderstons