Recycled Spice Jars

When Mike and I got married we were gifted a spice rack set (Thanks Webber family!)  similar to this.

Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 11.34.32 AM

We used some of the spices but in my effort to declutter it was put into a cabinet and forgotten about until last weekend when I was attempting to free up some space in our kitchen.

The spices were 4 years old so I decided it was time to throw those out, but I knew I wanted to reuse the glass jars.

I washed the jars and lids, grabbed my black sharpie and some rubbing alcohol and got to work.


I also went down to the basement to dig through our office stuff searching from my IKEA spice racks. They used to hold my craft paint and mason chairs before the office became a nursery. I’ll spare you the photo of where all that office stuff is now… IT’S A MESS, sut you can see the racks in use in the back of this old photo…

Sewing Storage3

I had Mike drill some holes, hang my shelves, and then it was ready for my newly cleaned and freshly filled spice jars.


I love it – and I freed up some cabinet space and was able to reorganize so it’s a little more functional than before.



I hope you can find something to recycle today.

Happy Day!

Recycled Spice Jars

Love, The Jaderstons