Over the weekend(s) in three photos

The last couple weekends have been pretty sweet with this little family of mine. It’s not often that we have consistent evenings at home or consistent time with friends but these last two weeks have been just that. 

Lots of family time and lots of friend time and also a lot of middle of the night time. I’m looking at you, Dwayne. And I’d love for that to stop. 

Easter Sunday was a sweet reminder of how good our God is and how powerful Jesus’ life on earth was. We had a great day of church, lunch with Mike’s family, and then dinner with mine. 

Dwayne and Pierce shared a “meal” at this table last weekend. And by meal I mean a handful of puffs. I love that these sweet cousins are growing up together and we are so so blessed having our family close. 

Father son time has never looked cuter! Mike took Dwayne to the disc golf course one evening this weekend and I think this will be a go to activity for them. AND I had some time to sit on the couch, watch Greys Anatomy, and just be. It was amazing. And look at Dwayne’s face. He kills me in the best way. 

How was your Easter weekend? I hope you feel refreshed and encouraged hearing the good news that Jesus is alive! 

Happy Day! 

Love, The Jaderstons