Over the Weekend {in photos}

Feeling all sorts of proud this morning. My little sister graduated from KU this weekend! And even though it was a long and exhausting day, it was so sweet to be able to see her walk across the stage. In all honesty, that’s all we saw. Dwayne was missing his morning nap and only wanted to be crawling around so we popped our heads in for her name and then we went on a long walk. It was a beautiful day so I wasn’t complaining.



We missed big sister Jenn and Mike, of course, but it was fun having most of the family together for the day. #rockchalkjayhawk

On Sunday, we had a very relaxed day. Since we had such a long day on Saturday with only one very small (38 minute) nap for Dwayne in the car, D and I skipped church so he could sleep the day away. He took two 2.5 hour naps so I would say he pretty much succeeded. In the evening I asked Mike to play tennis with me.

Mike played tennis in college. I “played tennis” in maybe 5 lessons as a small child. There is quite the gap in our skill levels but he’s teaching me! Last night was the most consistent I’d played in a while so it was pretty fun. After we played we let Dwayne out of the stroller and Mike captured these beauties.


Dwayne is walking quite a bit now – but only when he has something in his hands. His favorite things to walk with are the swiffer broom, large pillows, and toys. If he’s empty handed he still prefers the bear crawl. He is such a joy.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Happy (mother’s) Day!

Love, The Jaderstons