My Christmas Gift

On Thursday evening I was out working late and Mike had the house to himself. I assumed he had spent the evening relaxing since it is technically his Friday night, but he had a wonderful surprise for me when I got home.

Our very own, full size Christmas tree!


I screamed in excitement. He had set it all up with Christmas music and little evergreen scent sticks to make it smell real.


Apparently his evening was much more eventful than I could have ever anticipated.

He found the tree on Craigslist for a GREAT deal. It supposedly came from a smoke free home but I guess it smelled horrible when he got it home. So my wonderful husband gave our brand new (to us) Christmas tree a baking soda bath. Luckily it breaks down into small pieces so he didn’t have to put the entire Christmas tree into the shower at once.

I was so shocked. We talked over and over again about how our small tree was perfect for us right now – no need to spend excessive money on a big tree when we are content with our cute little baby tree. But this tree is big, beautiful, and in wonderful condition so we will have it for a long while.


The next day we woke up, made a trip to home depot for lights, and lit that baby up!

I am so happy. I realize it is still before Thanksgiving, but I’m still in a phase of life where 28-30 days just isn’t enough Christmas. Now I need to find some inspiration for ornaments. I don’t want to spend a fortune especially since we’re so happy with it just having lights.


Are you setting up your Christmas tree before Thanksgiving this year? With the cold weather last week, I couldn’t help myself but to open up our small box of Christmas and celebrate a little early.

Happy Day!

Love, The Jaderstons