May Goals

How is it already May 6th?? We’re already a week into May??

I feel like I always start these posts with shocked questions and wide eyes. Probably because time is flying right now and it’s already almost summer…

Let’s throw it back to April…


Savings Challenge: Yes. We did this. Not well. But we did save a chunk of money and I’m happy about it.

SG Calligraphy class: I took the class. It was wonderful. Haven’t really picked up my nibs since, but also life has happened since and now I’m just trying to adjust.

30 Day Reset: I should really do an entire post on this. Mike and I completely changed our eating habits. We spent a LOT of money on groceries and went to the store 3x more than usual, but we have completely transformed our health. So much good came out of this.

Laundry Room: I haven’t touched the laundry room (besides actually doing laundry) since I wrote my laundry room post… So… didn’t complete this one. Oh well.


Clean out garage: In typical Spring Cleaning fashion I want to really clean out the garage (spoiler: did it last weekend – this is what happens when I wait a week into the month to post my goals)

Guest room: My brother in-law is moving in with us again this summer! He is taking over the basement bedroom and I want to make that space more functional.

Move files down: My filing cabinet is full in the office. The files have a year + of records in them and they’re stuffed. We have more filing cabinets in the basement that are empty but I need to transfer/organize/restructure my filing system.

Keeping it very simple this month with the new “normal” and owning it.

Are you making monthly goals? I have gotten so much more done this year by making these simple goals. They give me something to work towards instead of working towards all sorts of different things until nothing gets done. Monthly goals – for the win.

Happy day!

Love, The Jaderstons