Life Lately: Fall Edition

Life lately has been pretty normal, but I’m gonna share the photos and give a little recap as we welcome Fall. Fall is definitely a season I welcome with open arms. I love summer a lot but once we get through August and the 100+ degree temps I am ready for a cool down.


Alf and I spend as much time as we can in the snuggle position during fall.


We made the trip to Minnesota last weekend to see family before the craziness of retreats and the holiday season. It included lots of bonding time with my new nephew, Pierce. He’s perfect in every way.


This Saturday we took the afternoon and went to the pumpkin patch just outside of town. Pumpkin patches just scream FALL and we soaked it up. I even came home with my very own pumpkin. It was so fun.


On Sunday we ventured to Sterling. My mother in-law was hosting a “sip n’ see” for the new baby to meet everyone in Sterling. It was a very relaxed afternoon and the decor was so sweet. We sure do love that little man.

Happy Day!

Love, The Jaderstons