Life Lately

Life lately…

It’s been a whirlwind lately, but it’s been wonderful. I’m recapping with photos that go back a week or two. April has been such a good month so far.


The days that I find the time to get my hands dirty are really good days. I have been making it a daily goal to do just one thing that triggers my creativity – it hasn’t happened everyday, but when it does I go to bed feeling more relaxed and fulfilled.


I completed one of my April goals! I know I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again, but I love calligraphy. And it helps me with my daily creativity goal!


serve – pursue – love


In preparation for the storms last Wednesday (which ended not being a big deal) Mike was released early from work. He went home and got our “storm shelter” ready. He popped popcorn, bought pistachios, rented a few movies, grabbed my favorite sweatpants, sweatshirts, and blankets, brought down extra water bottles and set up some board games with candles just in case we lost power again.


We were ready. And then nothing really happened, but we still spent the evening in the basement with three on the couch watching movies and eating popcorn. It was the best storm night ever.


Last weekend my little sister was in town for Easter – we threw it back with October Sky and quality sister time. Anybody else love this movie? It probably goes down in my top 10. I was so nostalgic watching it that I practically cried the whole time. So good.



Also last weekend, Mike and I played some tennis at the nearby high school. It was seriously so much fun. The Mr. is a very good tennis player and I am very much still learning, but I love being active with him. He’s also a great teacher.


It wouldn’t be a life lately without a mention of this guy. The other day I was searching for him high and low because I had to go to work. I am yelling for him to kennel (trying to wake him up from probably hiding under the bed) and he isn’t coming. He wasn’t in the backyard that I could see and I looked under all the furniture he likes to hide under… He was in his kennel all along. When I finally realized he was already there – he posed for this photo. Good times, Alf.

And that’s it for life lately. Life is good and full.

Happy day!

Love, The Jaderstons