Keeping up with Summer

It’s summer here! It’s not actually the season of summer, although the 100 degree temps would make you believe it is. School is getting out – Mike’s last youth group before summer was last week and the obvious, he graduated from college and that means summer!

We are soaking it up – staying busy – and trying to find balance.

Tomorrow we are headed on a little vacay to see some family. I’m so excited to get away and get some decompression time with Mike. I think we’ll call it #jadersota or #alfiesbigadventure since the pup is coming along to the great white northern state of Minnesota! It’ll be a little cooler up north so it’ll be nice to get a break from this pre-summer heat.

Now for some photos… We’ve been enjoying our walks outside and post walk snacks.


I should probably mention at this point that our neighborhood is amazing. Both of those walking trails are a block from our home. It feels a little bit like a dream every time we venture over to the trails.

This last week has been a whirlwind with graduation, busy work schedules, and buying a car! Another reason why decompressing is much needed. Buying a car is stressful… but in this case it was actually pretty wrinkle free so yay for that! I’ve only snapped one photo of the car and unfortunately it was while driving – so not a great photo.


Graduation was exhausting. Mike took a mini nap during his graduation party and I snapped that photo above. It makes me laugh out loud every time I see it. And I couldn’t help but share those photos of Alf – he got his haircut last week and he looks cuter than ever.

Happy Wednesday and Memorial Day weekend!
Love, The Jaderstons


Love, The Jaderstons