Let the Hunt Begin {Why we decided to Buy a House}

8 reasons to buy instead of rent

It was October 18th.

We had just gotten confirmation of a contract coming our way from the church we will be serving in this next phase of our life.

We were really moving to Wichita.

And then it sunk in. We were really moving to Wichita – in two months!

Before we had this confirmation we had emailed back and forth with our realtor “friend” and asked for lots of advice on whether to rent or buy from our friends and family. We knew that if this confirmation came that we would be searching for our “first home” as homeowners instead of renters!

Why We Decided To Buy a House

1. Fall is a good time to buy

Summer is a big buying season. People don’t like to move during the school year, so by Fall and Winter people who have yet to sell their house are READY to sell and are more likely to negotiate. Woo!

2. Interest rates are low right now

This applies to us because we don’t have large sums of cash lying around and we will need a mortgage. The interest rates aren’t as low as one would like, but given the economic times of “life” we are happy with the rates.

3. We get a break on our taxes

Please pardon the accountant in me, but buying a house is helpful for income taxes. We can deduct our mortgage interest from our taxes and can also deduct our real estate taxes! This might not get you super excited, but it will save you in the long run.

4. It’s cheaper to buy than to rent

Financially it’s an all around good decision for us. In Wichita, to rent something similar to what we live in now would be at least double the rent. That’s not necessarily something we can get on board with – unless it’s a mortgage payment.

5. Freedom to decorate how we want

We can choose our own paint colors! We can hang things on the wall without worrying about making holes! We can do whatever we want! This should be #1 on the list because let’s be real – I’m most excited for this.

6. Freedom to change things we don’t like

If we don’t have a dishwasher or a garbage disposal in the next house we would be willing to invest in those things. Also, renovation is an option… Woo!

7. Build Equity

I mean who doesn’t want to build equity?

8. We plan on being in Wichita for awhile

If we were only planning on being around for 1 year then renting would make more sense, but we plan on being there much longer so purchasing something of our own is the most logical decision. The common rule is 5 years of staying put, but obviously you can’t guarantee this will happen.

So, that’s why we decided to buy a house. It made the most sense for us and hopefully these 8 items will help others come to this decision. Let the house hunting begin!

Happy Day!
The Jaderstons

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