Have you ever had a really long and crazy summer? I have, and I am happy to report that ours is finally over.


August 8th was our finish line and I honestly never thought we would make it. It felt like decades away. And then last week it was just two days away and we were packing our bags for one last trip. Home.


Our two weeks at Northern Pines were so great. We got to serve alongside some of our best friends and we got to reunite with so many people that we love.


It was so much fun. But also exhausting, weird, challenging, and filled with laughter (and tears). Mike does such a great job teaching the wilderness program about Jesus. I love being able to serve alongside him.


But now we’re home and I am so hopeful for routine, a schedule. I’m hopeful to unpack our bags and put them in the closet for longer than two weeks. I’m hopeful to spend extra time snuggling our dog and more time using the creative side of my brain. I’m hopeful that this blog will get a little more love, some good changes.


Two of our very best friends moved to Wichita while we were away. I am so excited to see them, to do life with them.


There is so much hope for the future right now. But first, I go back to work and figure out our new normal. A normal that doesn’t involve traveling or sleeping in a bed that isn’t my own.

Happy Day!

Love, The Jaderstons