Growing Old

I came to a sad realization this morning.

I got out of bed at 8:15 – only because I couldn’t sleep any later! Who am I?! Sleeping in used to be something I looked forward to and now my sleeping in consists of 35 minutes more than the usual wake-up call. Sad times here.

But the perks of an earlier wake up call? I get to enjoy the morning! I get some special time with our puppy (he is currently curled up next to me – and he has the hiccups) and the peace and quiet of morning is so relaxing. I’m really growing to love it.IMG_4807

Mike and I are heading to Hutch today to get my car worked on and do some shopping. It’s gonna be a good day – I can just feel it.

Have a great day smart friends,
The Jaderstons

Love, The Jaderstons