Fitness: Christmas Countdown

Well the countdown is officially on according to my post last week all about Christmas cheer.

A few days later Mike and I decided (after a lot of overindulging in KC) that we needed to start a new fitness plan.

I’ve learned over the last year or so that I am very goal oriented? Maybe not even goal oriented? But whatever I’m working towards needs to have some sort of meaning. So this summer we had something called “Pounds before Pines” where we attempted to change our lifestyle before Northern Pines. It was awesome. We wrote out goals and got to the gym and ate really well at home. When we’d get unmotivated we’d say to each other “Pounds before Pines” and it would help!

Then after Pines we said things like “Pounds after Pines” but that didn’t hold enough meaning because we weren’t working towards something.

For a brief period of time  we were working through insanity. The prize at the end of that was going to be wood floors… But then I got bronchitis and Mike hurt his knee and it got pushed off… I still dream of the wood floors though.

Enter: Christmas Countdown.

IMG_5563 - Version 2

Our challenges with ourselves aren’t typically weight-loss challenges because neither one of us need to lose weight. They are more lifestyle challenges: eating healthy, working out, gaining muscle – and for me, reaching my step goal. Bronchitis knocked me out for about 6 weeks. I couldn’t do any physical activity and I only ate what sounded good. Mike hurt his knee around the same time that I got bronchitis. So we kinda turned into a bunch of bums.

Not anymore! Christmas countdown is on! If we are going to indulge ourselves in holiday food, we need to at least feel good about all the other food we’re putting into our bodies, yes? Because (nom nom) we love holiday food!

Mike and I both really enjoy fitness. We love learning new things in that genre and trying new things at the gym. We aren’t scary gym buffs or anything but it’s something fun we do in our marriage. It gives us something to work towards together – even though we have different goals – we are both focused on similar things. We push each other to be healthier.

Do you have fitness goals in your marriage? It’s definitely not a silly thing to want the best for your spouse, and that includes a healthy lifestyle.

Join us for Christmas Countdown! All you do is make a list of goals and GO!

Happy Day!

Love, The Jaderstons