Finding Balance and Ramblings

The baby is napping.

I’m (dare I say) pumping. Multitasking is my life nowadays.

Mike is working.

The mornings when I get Dwayne down for his nap approximately 1 hour and 32 minutes after he wakes are good mornings. Babies are so predictable, but so unpredictable.

We’re in the middle of “sleep training” and we’ve opted for a huge fridge calendar because it’s the only way to keep track of the others schedule without missing anything.

Life right now is messy  and every week I tell myself that it will start to feel more balanced soon. Maybe?

Probs not, but it’s so good anyway.

Also, the weather changed overnight and all the windows and doors are open in our house. Amazing.

Like I said, so good.

Happy day!

Love, The Jaderstons