Fall Chalkboard

As promised, I’m keeping you updated about my decoration road block that’s happening in this house. Here is my update.

I bought my first new piece of decor this weekend!

It’s a chalkboard. It was on sale at Target.


Usually I don’t even look at the decor stuff at stores because I get so overwhelmed by all the different styles and I don’t know my style and it costs money…


But Saturday morning, I took a leap and found this cute little guy on SALE! I took the plunge and put it on a wall in our kitchen. (Enter wide-mouthed emoji here)


Also, do you see those beautiful white cabinets!??! I’m talking about those guys later this week. Eek! We love them and I cannot wait to show you the whole kitchen.

So that’s my update. I’m two nails and $23.99 closer to turning this house into a home with decorations on the walls.

Love, The Jaderstons