Dwayne Henry: 10 Months Old


This little baby is turning into a big boy and I am loving every bit of it! Of course I am also feeling all the feels about him growing up and not believing that 10 months have passed since he was born and that we’re 2 months away from one year… BUT I am also loving all the new things he’s doing. He is growing and learning everyday. It’s truly amazing.

This update isn’t that exciting since not much has changed since the last update but it’s still fun. And the pictures.. which I’m sure is why you’re all really here 🙂


He eats all the things now! He’s really good about trying a food and also really good about dropping it if he doesn’t love it which is great for Alfred, so win-win! He doesn’t get any dairy (because of his allergy) or honey (because doc says so) but everything else is fair game so that’s fun.

He nurses four – five times a day and gets two bottles of formula. I love the routine we’ve gotten into with eating and I’m so glad we’ve been able to stick to this routine for awhile. The first 6 months of this nursing journey were rough so having a routine that’s stuck for two months feels like a dream come true.



He sleeps great! He sleeps all the way through the night probably 2-3 times a week and then wakes once around 6 am and then goes back down the rest of the days. It works for us and I’m loving the sleep.



This boy plays hard. He doesn’t sleep as well if he doesn’t get the chance to play play play so we love letting him play and explore.



We haven’t been back to the doctor – we don’t go back until his year check-up (SAD) but he’s definitely growing. His cheeks are puffier and his legs are filling out. I love everything about it.



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Love, The Jaderstons