DIY Pallet Shelf

Over thanksgiving break I was hopeful to do a few projects around the house. They were all decor type things or just general cleaning and organizing. Nothing major, just things that have been waiting and waiting and waiting their turn since Dwayne’s arrival (and before). 

I actually started this project when I  was 4 weeks pregnant, before all the nausea kicked in, so more than a year ago. 

I found these two tiny pallets at my job two summers ago and knew they needed to come home with me. I’m only using one for this project. 

So after they sat in my garage for a couple months, I sanded them and cleaned them up (while newly pregnant with Dwayne) and then I experienced morning sickness, pelvic pain, birth, recovery, nursing, working mom, etc. and hadn’t looked at them since. Until this weekend. 

I started with a clean pallet, any size. I roughly sanded it to remove splinters and big chunks, but wanted it to look rustic. 

Then I did one very thin coat of brown spray paint. 

I let that settle and then I did two very thin coats of white spray paint. I didn’t have a specific method here. I actually kind of expected to have to sand the white to let the brown show through, but it ended up looking exactly like I wanted. 

After one coat

After two coats

I love the way it turned out, especially since it was trial and error! 

After it was all painted, I let it dry and then had Mike hang it on the wall for me. 

Then I styled it real simply: some tiny jars, fall {fake} foliage, and some family photos! 

I love seeing it styled next to the Christmas tree, but I think I’ll love it just as much without the tree. I’m so glad to get this project checked off my list. 

Happy day!  

Love, The Jaderstons