This post is about another corner of my house. It’s the corner where the chalkboard sits. It’s also the corner where Alfred eats his food! Last week it got a nice little update and now it’s one of my favorite spaces in our house. Probably because it’s one of the only finished spaces in our house.


A few months ago I was out shopping with my mom telling her about some of my decorating ideas and hopes for our little house. We found these great metal signs (that are also magnetic) at Kirklands and all these ideas just flooded my mind. I bought four of them because they were on super clearance for $3.00 each and they have sat in my office closet since.


This one was definitely not my favorite (butterflies are not for me) so a fresh coat of paint was in order. I used the same spray paint as I did for my 3D JOY letters. (Brushed Metallic in Caramel Latte). I used the Cricut to cut out the letters on card stock – first I did a test run in tan and the final letters were done in black. Scotch tape is securing them to the sign for now. If they start to fall down I will come up with a more permanent solution.


While I was at it with the spray painting, I went ahead and painted some old bottles I had. I also hung up these great mugs from Pier One (also on clearance) with S hooks from Home Depot.


3 very simple and CHEAP updates that turned this little corner into a finished space! And now people know that when they’re in our kitchen/dining area they are supposed to EAT.

Happy Day!


Love, The Jaderstons