Alfie Day

Alfred is almost 5 months old!


He is still just about the cutest little guy ever though.IMG_3829
Tricks he’s mastered: sit, down, touch, spin, roll over, wave. He also rings a bell to go outside and he hasn’t had an accident in our house since new years. Woohoo!IMG_3802

Our favorite Alfie traits: the ears, when he sneezes he lets out a really big grin right before, he sleeps on his back with his legs straight up in the air, when he’s tired he looks confused and excited all at the same time, when I get home he lays on him back until I pick him up and snuggle him, when Mike gets home he runs around in circles until Mike gets down on the floor to play with him, and his tiny little nubbin tail wags like crazy anytime Mike and I are around.IMG_3813IMG_3818IMG_2832

Also, can’t believe how much he’s changed. This is him at 2 months.

We still love our little guy (if you couldn’t tell)…

See you soon,
The Jaderstons

Love, The Jaderstons