Jaderston Baby FAQs

Wow. We are so overwhelmed by your response to our exciting news last week. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for joining us in celebrating, loving, and praying for this little babe. They are already so so loved by so many and we feel very blessed by that.


I do plan on doing weekly/bi-weekly updates on the blog and I’m so happy to be able to (finally) talk about this little secret. But first, I need to get everyone up to date with some FAQs and some outtakes from our picture taking adventures last week.

How far along are you??

15 weeks!

When are you due?

April 18th!

How have you been feeling?


But it’s getting better! I really don’t want to sugar coat the last few months… they’ve been rough. Working through sickness has been hard and pretty much any unnecessary part of my life was dropped so I could focus on getting through it. Throwing up has always been very traumatic to me – and unfortunately it still is. I am happy and relieved to be “on the other side” of the first trimester, but I still occasionally have sick moments that are thankfully NOTHING compared to what I experienced during weeks 8-11. Praying that it continues to improve as the weeks go on. People say the 2nd trimester is a dream… I’m still waiting for the dream but so relieved to be having some better days.

When/how did you find out?

We found out mid-August. I came home from work one day and took a test out of curiosity and sure enough – two pink lines! I called Mike almost instantly and told him over the phone. I thought very briefly that I could surprise him when he got home from work later but that thought was fleeting because I just couldn’t wait.

How did you tell your families?

We told Mike’s parents over lunch after church one Sunday and then that same Sunday we went to dinner at my parents and gave my littlest sister this picture frame. They were all overjoyed (duh)!


Do you plan on finding out the gender?

Yes. Sometime between 20-22 weeks. Neither of us are huge on surprises so we’ll find out and then share the news with our families and friends once we know.

And that’s about it! Any other questions? I will answer them in the comments!

Happy Day!


Brothers with babies


So much laughter during these ones


We also tried to be serious which I could improve on. Ha!


Pumpkin baby! We can’t wait for April!

Love, The Jaderstons