Jaderston Baby: 32 Weeks!


First, thank you so much for your kind words, texts, and emails after last weeks bumpdate. I love having this space where I can vent and share and it makes it so much sweeter when I hear back from you.

Second, we have felt your prayers this week. My pain is still near but it has improved so much. I feel human again – which I can’t say has been the case over the last few weeks. I don’t expect my pain to disappear before this baby arrives but any sort of improvement feels like a victory to me. So, thank you. Thank you for surrounding us with love and prayers. Thank you for offering to help us out (we’re quite the pair, crutches and preggo). Each day that passes we feel more and more grateful for the village of people surrounding us.

How far along: 32 weeks!

How big is baby: About the size of a squash.

Gender: It’s a BOY!

Movement: Yes! His movements have changed over the last couple weeks which makes me think that space is getting a little bit tighter in there. Mike was able to feel the hiccups this week which is fun. I love feeling this little man move.

Sleep: Still sleeping great! I seriously don’t know how I got so lucky in this department.

Symptoms: Exhaustion. Shortness of breath after doing practically nothing. Congestion is back (unfortunately).

Pelvic Pain: I have had some improvement this week with pain. My pubic pain (yes it’s pubic and yes it’s as awful as that word) has improved SIGNIFICANTLY but my lower back pain is still giving me trouble. Thankfully I have lots of tools now after many trips to the doctor, physical therapist, and chiropractor that do help ease the pain when it gets bad. Rest is the most helpful though. I also feel like I have a really good understanding of what’s happening in my body to cause the pain and for whatever reason that helps knowing I’m not crazy and making it up.

Labor signs: No labor signs.

Cravings/Aversions: Loving fresh (cold) fruit and ice cold water.

Maternity clothes: Yes! I am still mixing and matching but I know a few weeks from now I will be exclusively maternity and Mike’s clothing.

Workouts: No workouts due to pain.

Nursery: I moved a few more things downstairs this weekend. I still have a little ways to go and I’m taking my time because I want everything to be really functional – including my new office space down in the basement. We are getting closer to settling on a crib too.

Mike: He is doing great. Still in the middle of recovery with his knee and still on crutches with no weight bearing on his left leg. We’re really quite the pair. He started physical therapy this last week and has a long list of exercises that he does everyday. He’s very motivated to get his mobility back. He loves feeling the baby move and is always asking how “we’re” doing and checking in on our little guy.

Missing anything: This was the first week where I wished I didn’t have a huge belly. It’s starting to really get in the way!

Best part of the week: Feeling human again was probably the biggest thing but we also won a giveaway of baby gear on instagram (thanks to my sister in law for entering us!)!!! It was so exciting and shocking. I can’t wait for the gear to arrive!!

Looking forward to most: Continuing to see the chiropractor and seeing results. I am also really looking forward to March. Mike and I have NOTHING on the calendar except doctor appointments and I am just craving having nothing scheduled. January and February have been a little too crazy for my liking.

Worries/Concerns: Baby is healthy and everything appears to be right on schedule. Yay!

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