growing out the pixie {20 Weeks}

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It is definitely hard to believe that I am at 20 weeks of growing this bad boy out. That is half-way to full term if this was a babe in my belly. It’s also hard to believe that it wasn’t even a year ago that I made the chop in the first place. I keep thinking that in 6 more months when I haven’t made a ton of progress that I will decide to just chop it again – I am really hoping I don’t. I want to make this growth worth it.

Anyways, the pixie is doing great. I had Mike trim my mullet before I took these pictures, but I’m sorta wishing I had snapped a few before he cut it so you could see how long the back was getting. My hair is definitely growing, we just aren’t at a place where you can see the growth all over my head (at least I don’t think so).

I am able to use my straightener more consistently now without risking burning my fingers or scalp so that’s a great sign. I have also moved away from the hair paste because it just doesn’t look great styled that way when my hair is this long. Oh and sometimes I’ll tuck my side burns behind my ears – they might need a trim soon!

April 2014IMG_4214

Love, The Jaderstons


Love, The Jaderstons