Our Story {the beginning}

Featured ImageSince this blog is about Mike and I and our ever growing life together, I feel that I should tell the story from the beginning. It’s really strange to think that four years ago I didn’t even know who he was. We got connected through Westminster Woods – the little church camp that I grew up at and worked at for three summers during college. I actually worked with his brother, my now brother in-law, the year before I met Mike. He will claim that it was his master minded plan to bring us together, but we have a little bit different perspective.

We met at a young adult retreat out at the camp where we were both asked to be a part of the praise team. He played the electric guitar (dreamy, I know) and I played the keys. We spent three different weekends out at the camp during the winter of 2010 and each weekend we got a little bit closer to speaking. We actually have some photo documentation from the first weekend we met. (Photo cred: Stephan Olson) Thanks, Stephan!

20544_1210087371042_6420729_n Mike is on the far right and I am tucked in the back by the keys.

After these weekends out at camp Mike and I attempted to remain in communication through facebook. He messaged me to wish me a happy semester and it went on from there. We would message back and forth everyday and the messages got longer and longer over time until he asked me for my phone number. We had our first phone conversation on a Monday evening right after we both were asked to be counselors out at the camp the next summer. Needless to say, it was not a brief conversation and the 5-hour long nightly phone calls took off from there. Of course there are a million little details that would be way too much to share on here, but at the end of all this talking and getting to know each other we decided to be “unofficially official”. We considered it unofficial because we hadn’t actually been on a date yet. You see, Mike lived in Sterling, KS and I lived in Lawrence, KS. These two little towns are about three hours away from the other so finding the time to go on a date was pretty difficult.

Finally, after many weeks of long phone conversations and constant texting, we were able to go on our first date. It was the first weekend of Spring Break and I was in Wichita. He was able to come visit for the evening before he left for his road trip to Canada. Needless to say, the first date was unbelievable and it confirmed our feelings for each other – so we were finally “official” and very excited about what God had in store for us.

20544_1210087571047_3022890_nAnother picture from the first weekend we met

And so we begin the story of Mike and I (again) with hopeful hearts that I will someday get to the wedding and share some photos with you all. Get ready for some really romantic, beautiful, and somewhat sappy stories of us.

Happy Friday! I hope you’re as excited for a weekend off as me.
Be back soon,
The Jaderstons

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