New Years Resolution

I think since we’ve made it to February, it’s about time I hopped on to talk about 2018.

I cannot believe it’s 2018. I graduated high school 10 years ago and now, I have a family: a husband, a dog, and a toddler. Probably what I had hoped for when they asked us “where will you be in ten years?”


Here we are, 10 years later, and I feel so similar to who I was back then but yet so different. My goals this year are loose concepts that I hope to improve on, motivated by the question of “where will you be in ten years?” except replace ten with one.

1: Be the healthiest version of myself

This goal is a lot. It has lots of levels. Physical health, mental health, hormonal health, and spiritual health are the four levels I’m trying to focus on. January was a good challenge for me and I’ll detail more in future posts but back in December my hopes for 2018 were to eat well, workout well, and self-care well.

2: Photo management

I know I’ve talked about our photo books on here before. They’re 10×10 books from Shutterfly and I’ve made one every year since Mike and I have been married. The books are wrapped up in this goal. I haven’t finished 2016 part two and I’ve just now started to organize 2017. I’d love to finish those and have 2018 near completion by the end of the year. This probably looks like doing “maintenance” once a month but I have a lot of catch up to do.


3: Pretend minimalist

I’ve been reading a little bit about minimalism the last few months and there are pieces of it that are so enticing to me, mostly the parts about tidying your house and removing distractions and clutter to allow space to relax. I want our home to be comfortable for us but also a place of escape. Right now we have a lot of stuff. Stuff we don’t need or use but yet we still have it. I’d like to purge and organize so that our home is functioning properly but also is a place of peace so we can unwind here as a family. So far we’ve focused on our basement and I’m happy to report great progress thanks to some Christmas presents motivating us to make the space useful. I’ll share more in future posts.

Three simple ideas that will hopefully allow me to say at the end of 2018 that I am better, stronger, healthier, and more peaceful than I was at the end of 2017.

Hope to see more of you,

Happy day!