Time Flies

Seriously, time is flying by. How is it already July? How is it that the last time I blogged feels like yesterday but it was actually weeks ago… Oops.

July means BUSY in our lives. We are gearing up for camps, camps, and camps. Dwayne will be going on his first LONG road trip to Wisconsin in a couple weeks and this momma is only a little bit nervous about what all goes into that.

The last couple weeks have been really great. Dwayne has mastered the gummy smile (heart melt) and he is consistently sleeping in his crib for 7 hours at night. I am so happy to have him in his crib and out of the rock and play – one less thing to worry about in Wisconsin.

I’ve started working on some projects again during naps and free time. It has felt so good to get my hands dirty and I’m hoping to start sharing more than just life updates on this old blog again sometime soon.

Thanks for bearing with us as we transition to a family of 4 (Alfred included). It has been the sweetest (and sometimes hardest) time in our lives.

IMG_2447IMG_2441IMG_2428IMG_2381IMG_1040Month 2-Week 9 - 05

2 months!

Happy Day!